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On the top section of the Vehicles module we find a filter for Active and Inactive vehicles, this option is very useful in case we sell a vehicle o disactivate it for any reason. All data remains in the database, you may enter additional notes to explain the reason for status change.

We can also see a line of buttons that do different functions, the one with the magnifying glass is to see the information report about the selected vehicle. The next icon is to see the photo of the vehicle in real size, then a button to open the vehicle's folder, next another icon to refresh the database, another to do the escape key, and an icon with a little door to exit the module. To become more efficient using the program, get familiar with the icons .

To add a new vehicle we do it from the navigation buttons under the photograph. The one with the arrow pointing forward and the star. When we add a vehicle, the system creates a folder in the directory Vehicle_Management with title the number plates, that folder is very useful to store the vehicles photo and other important documents. When you add a vehicle, the lock function is activated to avoid accidental modification or deletion of the vehicle's identity. To delete records you do it from a separate form, this is to ensure more security to your records.

This module as all modules in the database has a search combo. These combos allow search by items or by dates. To insert a photo in the vehicle's form, you click the button photo and it takes you to the Windows explorer, there you select whatever you want from your hard disk or network.

Another very important section of Vehicles is found in page 2, this you find by pressing the vertical bar on the right.

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The top section will take us to any of the listed reports. The main part is occupied by the date alarms.

There are 3 options for insurance alarms and 4 more to suit your needs. These alarms go yellow during the month previous to expiry date, when you open the form they trigger a chime sound to alert you. Once the date expires the buttons turn red and you hear a different alarm which will present a little dialogue box reminding you about an expired date.

The icon retains the photograph of the vehicle to provide easier and more pleasant navigation for your car management.

From this page we can go to Vehicle checks module.

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