Fleet maintenance - Vehicle Management software - Technical Support center
Fleet maintenance - Vehicle Management software - Technical Support center

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Fleet maintenance - Vehicle Management software - Technical Support center
Technical Support - frequently asked questions - FAQ
Before you contact us , please read this page completely. It is most likely that you will find your answer here.
What happens after a payment is made?
you will receive an email with a receipt for your purchase. Then you will be redirected to a page where you will verify your email address and come to a download page. There you have to do 3 things
1 Download main program
2 Download records license program
3 Download key
I already paid for fleet management - fleet maintenance  program, I downloaded it, but I can't install it.
After download, install it by clicking it. Follow directions and open the software.

The program comes to a page where it shows you a computer code. Click on a button "copy and send code".

The Internet Explorer will open and will bring you to our web page, there you verify your email address, then paste the clipboard contents into the field provided; our key generator will send you to a page where you will be able to email the key to your email address. 

I've got the program and the key, what must I do next?
Initially you downloaded two programs:
install first the main program Fleet Management Vehicle Software Management, follow instructions, then install:
Vehicle_management - Records license

That's it
If for any reason you lost your downloaded programs you can do it here

I don't like to buy online, is there any other available option?
Yes. Bank transfer , please contact us
I have lost my information, what can I do?
If you already paid for the program, all your information is here
How can I remove the security warning from Access 2007
First exit Vehicle Management Software

Then open Microsoft Access from Start > Programs > Microsoft Office > Ms Access 2007

Press top left round button - Click options in the bottom part of screen > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings

Select macro settings, change it to enable all macros, then click okay

Close Ms Access 2007

Open Vehicle Management
The was working well, but now it doesn't start.
Restart your computer. If it still doesn't work use the Restore program.

How can I set up my local network


Share folder C:\Vehicle_Management

Set up permissions for the software

Create user for the software in ADMINAUTOS server
Control panel
Create USER = adminautos2
Pwd = 123
Go to Vehicle_Management C:\Vehicle_Management
Right click, Share folder
Share with USER adminautos2
Give permissions to read and write.

Then go to any workstation and login into ADMINAUTOS
You can use explorer or dos command \\adminautos\
It will ask you for user and password.
Type user adminautos2
Pwd 123
Then save the password.
The program should start without any problems.

My question is different to those above
For instructions on how to use the program, visit this page >>>

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Fleet Maintenance -Vehicle Management Software
Technical support

Fleet management - Vehicle Maintenance software

Technical Support - Fleet Vehicle Management Software

Fleet maintenance - Vehicle Management software - Technical Support center