Fleet management Vehicle Maintenance software - vehicle reports - management reports

Vehicle reports - Management reports

Private or Public Service fleets
Cars, taxis, vans, pick up trucks, buses, trucks, etc

Fleet management - Vehicle Maintenance software is a software rich in vehicle reports, providing all type of management reports. The reports are based on queries made to the database according to the client requirements.

The vehicle reports facilitate the monitoring of all the activities, not only economic but also in the maintenance management reports. They also help to make calculations and prepare future budgets.

Fleet management Vehicle Maintenance software - vehicle reports - management reports
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The Daily  Movement vehicle reports can show us exactly how much a vehicle has made in any given period of time, for example one week, two weeks, one month, a year, etc.

Or we may calculate how much has been spent in tolls during the past month.

We can view reports before we print them, they can be exported to Excel or Word, they can be set to your printer, they can also be mailed to anyone who needs them. In the reports module appears the email address of the owner which can be copied in case we need to send report.

General management reports:
From Vehicles
. Vehicles in system
. Fleet of Vehicles' shifts
. Selected vehicle's shifts

From Owners
. Owners report
. Owners, vehicles and drivers

From Drivers
. Drivers Report

From Contacts
. Contacts report

From Accidents
. Accident report

From Daily Movement
. Simple report
. Complete Movement report
. Maintenance and cost reports
. Costs not included in Maintenance
. Expenses Report
. Days vehicle didn't work
. Mileage report
. Reminders report
. Crashes report
. Battery report
. Reports with mileage alarm
. Suspension report
. Shock absorbers report
. Oil change report
. Brakes report
. Tires report
. Timing belt report

Fleet management is an easy task when you have a good tool to help you like this software. The objective of the fleet business of any type of vehicles is to obtain high profits and to keep vehicles in top condition, this can be easily achieved with our program.

Fleet management software will help you to monitor the financial state of you company and the advanced maintenance of your fleet, keeping record of all details with high technology in your hands.

Some of the vehicle reports and management reports available 

. Daily movement - Simple mode
- Accounting extensive report
. Oil change
- Different type of maintenance reports
. Vehicle info
- Vehicles in system
- Shifts of vehicles

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