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Private or Public Service fleets
Cars, taxis, vans, pick up trucks, buses, trucks, etc

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Our software has two methods for programming vehicle maintenance and equipment as follows:
Automatic system and Programmed method by dates

1. Fleet maintenance - Automatic system

This is activated by using the Daily Movement or by the Jobs - Trips module which do the accounting of income and expenses of every vehicle, while at the same time program maintenance. This method only requires that you enter date, mileage, type of expense and cost.

The results are shown on the monitor and can be reported in many different ways, to suit your queries, eg. by type, by range of dates, by cost, by vehicle, by owner of vehicle, etc.

It has a built in system of audio visual alarms that shows you the state of very important items such as oil, brakes, tires, warranty, timing belt, shock absorbers, suspension, battery, etc.

The mileage alarms can be programmed to show green when okay, yellow when any determined warning mileage is show, eg: 300 miles before oil change, and red when the mileage has expired.

 Fleet management, total control. The monitor will provide alarms and reports based on the Daily movement or the Jobs module. Reports are available in Excel, Word and PDF
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2. Programmed Maintenance by dates

This second method can be used manually and allows you to program your fleet of vehicles and equipment by dates although it may include mileage if you want. The system is  very informative and responds with audio visual alarms. Fields require a password to be deleted, (Administrator's password in local area network system)

This systems allows you to program vehicle and equipment maintenance and . At the same time it allows you to create new types of maintenance if you require it.

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