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More reasons for having this software - part 2

         Can I enter my GPS tracking system or software through Vehicle Maintenance Software?

Yes, our system integrates easily with any GPS tracking or satellite monitoring system. It keeps vital information to manage your gps web account such as user name, password, notes and your gps tracking website addresses whether for one vehicle or for the whole fleet. 

         How do I know if a vehicle has not worked during the month? How do I know if vehicles have had crashes? How do I know how much a vehicle has spent during a period of time?

These and many other questions are easily answered with our specialized fleet maintenance program. You may select one vehicle for your queries or the whole fleet. 

         How can I keep track of my tire purchases, how can I keep a history of the tires and wheels of my fleet since the day I buy them until they are discarded?

Our software produces these reports not just for one vehicle but for the whole fleet. This is very important information and a especial module is dedicated to that purpose. 

         How can I create a statement of my vehicle accounts in seconds?

Our system accumulates all daily income and expenses transactions. Then by just clicking a button you have a report which you can send by email to the owner or manager. 

         Is it easy to send a report from Vehicle Maintenance software?

Yes, our program will help you even to copy the email address, so that when your report is ready Outlook can be open and the email can be pasted. 

         How can I keep track of the accidents of one vehicle and of the whole fleet?

Our system specializes in all that important information that a fleet manager needs. Whether it is for automobiles, cars, taxis, trucks, vans, ambulances, buses, motor trailers, boats, semi trailers. motor cycles or any type of transport, our system will help you. 

         How secure is my information in a local area network with a multi user environment?

Our Vehicle Maintenance software for multi user environment has several important safety features, it creates a log of all activity and gives the administrator options to program password for most modules. Some modules can be programmed not to have a password for easy access. 

         How can I be more competitive in the transport industry? How can I minimize managing expenses? How can I generate more income in my business if I don' have this program?

Well, without this great software the answer is most probably no. this program guarantees better quality of life for the fleet manager and all users. Information is power and our software is powerful in information.

         Is it difficult to learn to use this software?

No. Our interface is highly intuitive and very easy to navigate. The program includes a demo vehicle for training purposes, all modules have their own information section, the program has access to our website support and information pages, we have videos to show you how to use the program and we are always ready to provide technical support when you need it.

         How much do I have to pay annually for the service of the software?

The initial cost of the software covers the first year of service. After a year we charge 20% annually for licensing the software and providing free support.

You donít pay for upgrades annually, they are free. The program has been upgraded to a commercial standard for big fleets. Whenever we come up with new additional modules we advertise them in our website and the client has the option to upgrade at an additional cost.

You can also upgrade to a higher number of vehicles when your company grows. You can also upgrade from one computer to a multi user system. Our service includes support by email, phone, skype and remote desktop.

         Is it possible to have modifications for the program?

Yes. You may send us your proposal, we will study it and give you a quote.

         Is my information always secure?

Yes. The system auto copies itself and compacts every time you exit. We also provide a back up software system which allows the program to be copied to a USB memory stick to prevent any unexpected damage to the hard disk in your computer or a virus, theft, fire or something else.

         Can I see the program working before I decide to buy?

Yes, you may view our video tutorials and you can also ask us to give you an online presentation via skype or any other means so that you can see the program functioning, ask questions and learn to use it.

Program a presentation via skype or contact us

         There are still many more answers to your questions.......

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Vehicle Maintenance software
Fleet maintenance - Vehicle Management

Vehicle Maintenance software - Vehicle Management