Fleet Maintenance software - Vehicles program - Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management software- Fleet Management, fleet maintenance

Fleet Maintenance software - Vehicles program - Vehicle ManagementFleet Maintenance software - Vehicles program Vehicle Management

Good reasons for having this software

Advantages of our software for Fleet maintenance, accounting and control

Questions relevant to the fleet manager

  • How do you control your fleet maintenance?
    Our software has two ways of programming your maintenance
    1 Automatic maintenance simply by entering costs and mileage in the Daily Movement of vehicles.
    2 Program Maintenance by dates

         What is the current mileage of each one of the vehicles of my fleet?

To know the answer to this question will give us an idea of the condition of our fleet. Fleet maintenance for older vehicles will demand frequent repairs. this information will help us to decide when to renew the vehicles of our fleet.

The Vehicle Management system will give this mileage report any time for all vehicles, and will provide quick maintenance  records. 

         Are all the drivers of my fleet up to date with their drivers's licences? Are some of them about to expire, how many have expired?

Our system provides this report and will also sound an alarm showing red when the license has expired, yellow within 30 days or renewal and green when the license is up to date. 

         Has every driver an account to keep track of loans, savings or any other funds to be credited or charged?

Not only does every vehicle has its own savings account for maintenance purposes, but every driver has his own personal account keeping track of loans, savings, or something else.
Our system has everything.

         How can I keep a vehicle/driver history, including temporal drivers?

Our system can track all the drivers for all vehicles in different dates, it assigns permanent and casual drivers to vehicles. It produces reports for them.

         What is the condition of my vehicles?

Our software has a module for inspections for every car in the fleet. There you can keep an inspection checklist for all the aspects of the vehicle, namely documents, Safety checks, State of lubricants and fluids, body work, scratches, dents, etc; state of the interior of the vehicle and 4 sections to keep notes.

         What is the state of the maintenance of the vehicles of my fleet?

Our system has a maintenance monitor which produces audio visual alarms for Oil change, Brakes, Tires, Warranty, Timing Belt, Shock absorbers, Suspension and  Battery.

These alarms are pre-programmable according to the mileage you want for maintenance. For example, every 4000 miles for oil change and also according to the mileage before the maintenance when you want the alarms to be triggered, eg. 300 miles before oil change.


         What is the daily mileage of my vehicles? It becomes necessary to monitor mileage run daily to avoid abuses by drivers.

Our software Vehicle Management permits daily calculations of mileage run by taking the mileage from the day before and doing the calculations.

         How can we create Maintenance Orders?
Our multi user system is enabled to do that.

         Is the compulsory insurace of my fleet vehicles up to date? Is it about to expire in one of my vehicles? Are my mechanical inspections up to date for registration purposes?

Our program has 6 audio visual alarms for important dates, (expired, will expire during 30 days or ok) There are 3 fields for insurances and 3 more for other important dates. if we donít have an electronic control for the expiry date of these important dates, we may expect the unexpected. It is not humanly possible to be up to date with this information on a daily basis, we need precision.

Our fleet maintenance software for all kinds of vehicles takes care of all these complicated matters automatically and with Excellency. 

         When is the next oil change due for any of the vehicles of my fleet? When do I have to check brakes or replace brake pads? When am I supposed to replace tires? When is the replacement for my timing belt? When is the replacement for shock absorbers or suspension check? When is the warranty check up?

We not only find this information for one vehicle with our software, but for the whole fleet. This makes our maintenance more effective and increases our productivity. All this information in found in our maintenance monitor panel which also produces reports for one or for all vehicles for any given period of time.  

         ACCOUNTING - COSTS. How much money has any of my vehicles spent in any period of time in fuel, oil, brakes, battery, tires, timing belt, gearbox, motor, transmission, electrics, lights, fuel injection, repairs, bearings, suspension, shock absorbers, others, compulsory insurance, Insurance 2, Insurance 3, registration, affiliation, radio, warranty, parking, fringe benefits, Health cover, loans, mechanic labor, accidents, fines, administration, salaries, tolls and taxes?

Our Fleet Management software has the answer immediately, you may generate reports of any of the 35 accounting fields by days, months or years.

         May I have access to Vehicle management software over the Internet?

Yes, our software tells you how to do it for free. 

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Fleet Maintenance software - Vehicles program
Vehicle Management

Fleet Maintenance software - Vehicles program - Vehicle Management