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  • Unique restore system, backs up data every 15 minutes and every time you close database. Ready to restore in case of emergency.

  • Unique maintenance monitoring system with audio visual alarms. Displays dates, mileage, color buttons and triggers sound.

  • Job bookings management - Change status when booking becomes a job. Track job history.

  • A folder is created in hard drive with vehicle id when a vehicle is created
    When a vehicle is deleted, information is copied to a history database and is made available including history of accidents.

  • Loans, Debts, Driver accounts

  • Date alarms for insurances, licenses and more

  • Guaranteed easy to use, graphic friendly user interface 

  • Acounting records are blocked with date prior to current date to avoid anauthorized manipulation of data. Unblocking and deletions only permitted to the administrator.

  • Passwords are programmable for: the program, administrator and accounting modules.

  • For your convenience and safety, The program can be configured to work with or without passwords

    Features in multi-user local network system
  • Added modules: Employees, Daily Accounting, read only modules, Password programming for all modules

  • Extra modules available at extra cost: Multiple Income, multiple expenses, Multiple payments, Shop with invoicing, suppliers, clients, inventory, etc

  • Program installation for unlimited workstations in network

    General program Features in all systems

  • Buy program according to your fleet needs and to the number of vehicles

  • Demo vehicle included for easy understanding of program

  • Advanced reports for all modules

  • Automatic maintenance programming control, simply by entering mileage and cost of repairs

  • Second method of Vehicle Maintenance programmed by dates with expiry alarms

  • Future maintenance reported by mileage or date

  • Mileage calculator, keep track of shifts mileage.

  • Important dates Expiry audio visual alarms for vehicle maintenance, insurances and driver licenses.

  • Accounts for driver debts, loans or credits.

  • History of permanent and casual drivers

  • Advanced maintenance monitor with audio visual alarms

  • Advanced Fuel economy tracker

  • Extensive Inspection checks for vehicles, different dates

  • Daily Maintenance cost accounting, 35 fields in total, reports by vehicle, by field, by date or by owner

  • Maintenance orders

  • Help to access program anywhere with an Internet connection

  • Connect to your GPS software program from software

  • Track days when vehicles have worked, days inactive, days crashed

  • Keep History of tires, purchase / discard dates, costs, maintenance, etc

  • Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly income - expense reports for vehicle owners

  • Complete Accidents History: your vehicle, the other vehicle, court hearing dates, reports.

  • Quick Invoicing, billing system, receipts. You may use logo.

  • Contacts management. Contacts may be given Client status for Invoicing

  • Especial security for records. Deletions with password.

  • Reports with automatic personalized titles in Access, Word, Excel o Acrobat pdf

  • Our Graphic interface is easy to understand and use, free training included with service

  • Every module has built in help

  • Our service includes installation assistance, yearly free updates, continuous support, easy upgrade program to higher number of vehicles

  • Unique database Restoration for added security, additional backup system available for safe storing of database in USB memory device

  • Photos can be added to Drivers, Employees, Vehicles, Accidents and Shop items. Vehicle and Accident Images can be expanded to be seen in original size

  • Daily Reminders

  • Added modules for invoicing, contacts and websites

  • Auto repair and auto-compact on close for safer data management

  • All important records can be classified as active or inactive

  • Our software has passed high quality tests and is certified for no spyware, no adware and no viruses

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