Vehicle Jobs - Management Software - fleet

Private or Public Service fleets
Cars, taxis, vans, pick up trucks, buses, trucks, etc

Our software has been designed to carry out successfully the accounting and maintenance control of all types of vehicles.

The great advantange of our program is the friendly interface that allows easy navigation and quick training for users.

The database permits storing wide information for each vehicle including history of accidents, days that the vehicle does not work, fuel efficiency, maintenance, costs and accounting reports.

For the "Daily Movement" there are three different modules to record distpatchings, movement and accounting according to the needs or your transport industry. You simply choose the mode you require.

Another advantage is the price that varies according to the number of vehicles you want to register, this works in favor of small companies and at the same time allows big companies to expand to a greater number for a reasonable fee.

Any person representing a big company may buy the program with the minimum number of records which is 2, for the purpose of analyzing and evaluating the potential of this software.

Our website lets you have complete familiarization with the program before you buy.


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