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Private or Public Service fleets
Cars, taxis, vans, pick up trucks, buses, trucks, etc

Integrated accounting and maintenance

The module Vehicle jobs - vehicle dispatching, Routing, Trips is designed for fleet operators who require control of Dispatching Jobs, routing or Trips. It is perfect for trucks, buses, private vehicles, especial services, etc.

This type of Daily Movement has the capacity to register all fleet jobs done during the day and also allows you to book your vehicles before bookings become jobs. The acummulation of jobs can be reported by job, by day or by periods between two dates and even by driver.

The module generates an accounting movement, based on 2 income fields (day and night) and 35 expenses fields.

The system is linked to automatic maintenance by mileage and can also be programmed manually for maintenance by dates.

Vehicle jobs - vehicle dispatching
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Creation of records in this vehicle jobs - vehicle dispatching module is unlimited.

Fleet management software permits two types of jobs search, by date of creation or by job ID, which can be a number or name of the job.

Vehicle jobs,  vehicle dispatching, Routing and Trips will keep record of all the fleet of vehicles movement, registering the departure place, date, time, number of passengers or cargo, cost of the trip, mileage and other automatic fields that are generated automatically from the Vehicles module. It will automatically interact with the maintenance system to create alarmas and reports in the Maintenance and Monitoring module. It gives the option of also scheduling maintenance by dates.

Then it will register the place of arrival, date, time and mileage, together with the driver, radio and telephone number for easy contact.

The module has also a field for the client or company that has hired the vehicle.

Expenses fields for this module are Fuel, Oil, Brakes, Battery, Tires, Timing Belt, Gearbox, Engine, Transmission, Electrics, Lights, Fuel Injection, Repairs, Bearings, Suspension, Shocks, Other, Insurance 1, Insurance 2, Insurance 3, Registration, Affiliation, Radio, Warranty, Parking, Fringe Benefits, Health, Loans, Mechanic, Crashes, Fines, Administration, Salaries, Tolls, Taxes, Hotel and Load/Unload.

Vehicle management Dispatching, Routing and Trips will generate three different types of reports as follow:

1 Present job report

2 Selected vehicle's job during any period of time between two dates.

3 All vehicles job reports between two dates.

4 Job reports with 4 filter not only for one vehicle but for all. Reports by owner, by driver, by destination and by commissions.

5 It also generates maintenance reports and reports by field expense for one vehicle or for all. These are found in the module of Reports and Maintenance.

lock For safety, all accounting fields are blocked when date is different to current date. To modify use administrator's password.

So depending of the needs of your fleet, you can either use this module for trucks, buses and other vehicles that use dispatching or trips or the Daily Movement for vehicles that work on shifts.

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