Fleet management software | Fleet Maintenance Vehicle accounting - Daily movement

Fleet management software | Fleet Maintenance Vehicle accounting - Daily movement
Vehicle accounting - Daily movement
Vehicle Software Management
Daily movement, accounting, costs

Integrated accounting and maintenance

ccounting is done in the daily movement module or in Jobs and trips module depending on your needs.

Types of accounting:

1 If your fleet works shifts, like taxis, use module "Daily Movement" here you can enter income and expenses and make notes.

2  Use Bookings, Jobs - Trips. for vehicles that work based on trips, like buses, trucks, and others. The system will keep the income and expenses records, do maintenance automatically or manually and provide a system of bookings if required. .

Examine the system that best fits your requirements and get the best results from our fleet management software.

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Creation of records in this module is unlimited.
The Daily Movement has 2 fields available for income, 35 fields for expenses, 2 fields for day and night mileage, options to report days when the vehicle had a crash or didn't  work for some reason and of course a field for notes.

When we fill out a field, for example oil, this will create an automatic report of maintenance and cost, which will show us the mileage, with an alarm to tell us when to have an oil change.

The expenses fields are: Fuel, Oil, Brakes, Battery, Tires, Timing Belt, Gearbox, Engine, Transmission, Electrics, Lights, Fuel Injection, Repairs, Bearings, Suspension, Shocks, Other, Insurance 1, Insurance 2, Insurance 3, Registration, Affiliation, Radio, Warranty, Parking, Fringe Benefits, Health, Loans, Mechanic, Crashes, Fines, Administration, Salaries, Tolls and Taxes.

If you need to enter a field that does not exist in the program, you may substitute it for a field you don't use.

The values that are entered initially in the Daily Movement are reflected in the reports of accumulated Daily Movement which can be called by dates together with the Fleet Maintenance reports of oil, brakes, tires, radio, battery, crashes, suspension, shocks, mileage or general maintenance.

The Daily Movements can be searched by date and can be edited if necessary.

From the Daily Movement we can move to the Fleet Fuel efficiency control.

lock As a safety feature, accounting fields are blocked for dates different to current date. To modify use administrator's password.

Fleet maintenance in these two modules is programmed as follows:
1 Automatic maintenance based on mileage. Mileage for maintenance is also calculated according to values entered in a module for that purpose. It takes the mileage for say oil change eg. every 3000 miles, it takes the mileage for the alarm monitor say 300 miles before oil change.
2 Manually. You simply enter your maintenance field and the date of maintenance.

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