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Administration Software for accounting and maintenance of vehicles
Private or Public Service fleets
Cars, taxis, vans, pick up trucks, buses, trucks, etc

When we speak of managing a fleet of vehicles, we speak about a complex business by nature, unexpected things happen continuously, besides the maintenance of the vehicle, we must interact with our drivers, respond to accidents, we must be alert to payments by certain dates, we must solve disputes related to accidents, we have to care for the legal and the administrative part of our business. Many of these things can not be left to our good memory, therefore this software will become an invaluable tool to help us.

Besides the alarm information provided in our reports, our software has this marvelous alarm which can be triggered each morning according to the date it has been pre-programmed and it will show us a reminder of whatever is happening.


The reminder is pre entered before the date we want it go off, it will open on the date. Click the image to hear sound.


In the morning we can add more things to do during that day. There is no limit to entries.

Reminders can be large to accommodate your needs.

Create many reminders so that your work may be more efficient. You may delete those that have expired.

You may create date alarm messages linked to mileage. Let's say , if the vehicle moves about 1500 miles per week, so by dividing the mileage by the number of weeks we will have a calculation to do some maintenance, for example.

If we want to change shock absorbers every 40000 miles, and the vehicle does about 1500 miles a week, then we divide 40000 / 1500 which gives us about 26 and a half weeks, which is 26 weeks x 7 days plus 3 (half) = 185 days.

So we can create a reminder 26 and a half weeks or 185 days from today telling us to check and change shock absorbers if necessary.

The alarm will sound exactly on the pre entered date, helping us to confirm with other data in our system. You may do several alarms for the same day.

The system has another method of mileage alarms for brakes, oil change, tires, shocks, suspension and timing belt. But it can be complemented with this audio visual alarm.

Besides the system of alarms mentioned above, the vehicles module has 7 date alarms, 3 for insurance expiry dates and 4 for other purposes, they can be used according to your needs.

The buttons indicate green for okay, yellow for will expire and red for expired. When you open the form a sound alarm will be triggered announcing that a date is about to expire or has expired.



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